Beauty from Ashes: The Adeleigh's Treasure Story

As the CEO and Master Herbalist of Adeleigh's Treasure, I would like to welcome you to our blog. I am so glad that you are here. Over the past year our company has grown leaps and bonds. From one product to ten products in multiple fragrances and aromatherapy essential oils, all plant based. The Royal Treatment of growing the hair and enhancing the beauty of the skin has become our mantra. We provide a result-driven experience that is second to none and we are proud of the success stories we hear each and every day. 

As the founder of Adeleigh's Treasure this company and the story that led up to it was a tragedy turned triumphant miracle. I was pregnant with a baby girl in 2017. I used to sit by the river and talk to The Most High daily. I remember the day I was instructed to name the child I was carrying Adeleigh, which I discovered means "The Royal Healer". Excitement grew within me and I was overjoyed to carry her. In the 10th week of the pregnancy I became very ill and began bleeding profusely. I bled from for the next seven weeks, endured three blood transfusions, six emergency room visits and a ten day hospital stay. During this time Adeleigh was doing great, her father and I would listen to her heartbeat twice a day and her swift little kicks could be felt in my belly. When I was well enough to go home on the eleventh day of the hospital stay, I was optimistic that I would get better.

One day after leaving the hospital; I came home and went into pre-term labor, which lead me back to the emergency room.  I gave birth to Adeleigh and she transitioned from this life. I was crushed, traumatized and physically depleted. I couldn't walk, drive or even get up the stairs into the house without help. I knew I would have a long road of recovery ahead of me so I took it one step at a time. During the healing and grieving process I went to therapy, meditated, prayed, journaled and used aromatherapy treatments. I also tried alternative medicine and worked with an herbalist who created blends to support my internal healing and well-being. In the weeks and months that followed I progressively got better.

My hair was brittle and short and my skin was very dry; these were side effects from the amount of blood that I lost. As I prayed and meditated I was given a formula of plant-based oils to combine and use on my hair and skin. As I started to use the blend on my hair and skin and they flourished. People would ask me what I was doing, what was I using in my regimen and so on. As I shared it with them, I was asked my cousin Julia to make her some of the product. I obliged and put it online; when I did this, the orders started to come in. I prayed and was led to name the business Adeleigh's Treasure, which means The Royal Healer's Treasure. 

Since June 27,2018 the business has flourished. More products have been added and we wholesale products for clients as well. In April 2019 I completed the Master Herbalism certification and became licensed to serve people with natural, holistic wellness products and services. I enjoy this work and was inspired by my herbalist to help others heal. I know that herbs work and using them is a holistic way of healing that is good for the body, mind and spirit. I would not change anything about my journey and I am so glad that I have an opportunity to do this work. Serving clients by providing The Royal Treatment really is an honor and I look forward to it for many years to come. 


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  • The hair growth serum and scalp conditioner has done wonders for my thinning hair. These products are beyond amazing they are a blessing. Thank you Alexis

    Khalilah Watts

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